Monday, January 25, 2010


I dont know if you guys are on twitter or not. I wasnt a big twitter fan but i have come to realize its a great way to communicate with the fans. Lately, I have been updating you on twitter when I've been giving out my phone number to answer your text messages. If you are not following me then you are missing out on when I'm on the phone with the fans and texting with the fans. Right now Im trying to raise money for my 88 Wayz Youth Organization. If anyone goes to and donate $20 or more I will send you an autographed action photo of me. Thanks for getting involved.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Whats in a name........

Guys, girl, and others ........... don't laugh at the others part because there are people that would classify themselves as that. I want to be all inclusive here. Anyway, I need your help again. I have a lawn service in florida that I bought from the previous business owner. I have a feeling that the old name of the company are keeping some folks from hiring us because of some lingering effects of the previous business owners. so therefore I need to change the name of the company. I would like for you to submit names that you may think are unique and of good character. I appreciate the help. If I pick your name you can always brag that you picked the name of my lawn company for me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

what a comment to make....

I want everyone to look at the comment a person name Drew left for me after my last post "I need your help". Im on here trying to garner help to do good in the community and all he had to say was...... well I let you read it. Drew I hope you're not a fan of mine. Its more to me than football and its clear to me that you are not into the people behind the mask. Thats cool but dont be a fan of mine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I need your help. Can I count on you?............

Good evening family, friends, fans, and all who read this blog (media), I'm finally ready to push a very personal initiative that I have been working on for the past few months. Let me catch you up to speed first. I started a non profit organization about 20 months ago. The name of it is 88 Wayz youth Organization. What 88 Wayz is all about in short is helping kids reach their full potential by offering an in school mentor/leadership program. The name of this program is TALKS mentoring which is an acronym for Transferring a Little Knowledge Systematically. Beyond that we have after school programs, tutoring, monthly seminars that address crucial subjects in our kids lives. Also, 88 Wayz do a free of charge football camp yearly for the whole community. We have SAT/ACT prep courses, college field trips, college admission assistance. These are just a few of the things we are doing. Other things that we would like to do is secure our own small building so we can house our operations as well as provide more services to our youth outside of the school, we would also like to sponsor field trips to local, state and national government sites. We would also like to expand our staff so we can work more effeciently, therefore providing a better service to the community. These are some of the things we are doing and looking to do in the future. If you would like to know in full detail you can go to

Now to the part where I need your help. The organization has organized what we are calling the 88 Wayz Million Dollar March. We are asking for 50,000 individuals to donate $20. I know by sending out this one blog its not going to happen. Maybe we will get a great deal of you that read this to go out and donate and I would be very appreciative if that was to happen. But I need you to go a step further also and tell 10 of your friends or family about this and ask them to do the same.

As many of you know that the world is swallowing a lot of our kids up because of a lot of the bad influences that they encounter. I believe that if we get more involved and give them more positive options a lot of our kids will make the right choices. Right now we have 90 kids in the program and that number will double the next school year. We need your help to keep a good thing going and making it bigger.

If you feel compelled to help please go to and make a $20 donation and get the word out. I have set up an email that you can write to me personally with any ideas, comments, or questions you may have. Send them to I would love to talk to you more about it. By the way, if you want to get involved and give go to the email address here and let me know that you're in. I thank you for helping me do something that is truly dear to my heart, helping kids reach their highest potential.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sportsmanlike Conduct

Have you had a chance to listen to my internet sports show Sportsmanlike Conduct. If you havent you really need to tune in and check me out along with my cohosts Paul 'Fresh" Clark and Lester "Scutter" Davis. We talk pro and college football as well as anything you would like to talk about. This week I will be giving away tickets to see your Bears take on the Green Bay Packers.
You have to tune in to win. Login to at 6pm eastern. You can text questions and comments to 8633990107 or email them to As always we would like for you to call in at 18883469144 and be a part of the conversation.

And Dara, I don't choose to be a celebrity, it was kinda put on me by virtue of what I do for a career

Friday, December 4, 2009


I know its been a long time. Sorry about that. This have probably been the most difficult season I have had in the NFL. Dealing with the injuries all year and the lack of production, which is something that is sometimes out of my control, and most importantly losing all these darn games have made this season up to this point not a rememberable one.

As you may already know, I am trying to recover from a neck injury that has been nagging me since the Arizona game. I think this may be the most games I have missed in a season. Certainly the most in the last 7 years.

Have you guys been listening to my internet radio show. If you have not then shame on you. The show, I think, have been really good but of course I have a biased opinion. The reason why its been good is because you guys have been listening, calling, texting, and emailing in to the show and I appreciate it. If you don't know where to go to listen log on, at 6pm eastern on Tuesdays. The call in number to the show is 18883469144, you can text your comments and questions 18633990107, and you can email questions and comments to The name of my show is Sportsmanlike Conduct. I would like to hear from you. Listen to Sportsmanlike Conduct and give me some feedback on the show.

Unless you've been under a rock for the last week you had to hear about all things going on with Tiger. So what do you have to say about it. Here's what I got to say about. First of all, I dont want or need to know all of Tiger's personal business. For that matter is it anybody's business. Being an athlete myself I sympathize with him because its really not fair that when we as athletes get in trouble every Tom, Dick, and Harry have something to say. Just because athletes make a lot of money and we are in the public eye for what we do for a living dont give everyone the right to feel like they are obligated to know our personal life. I always say that if Joe Blow gets a DUI he gets his ticket, court date, jail time, or whatever his consequences for his mishaps and go on with his life. As an athlete we have to deal with the same as Joe Blow but then we have to deal with everyone want to know all the personal details behind the facts. It will be ok with me if the facts were giving and thats it. Instead, we have to deal with the speculation and the idiots that want to spread the gossip. Question? If Adrian Peterson gets a speeding ticket is that news worthy? Yes, because it was news this morning. If my brother Paul Clark get a ticket for speeding, why is that not news?

I know what you are saying, Dez you guys are athletes and it comes with the territory. My answer to you is, I know. The question still remains is it fair or right. I'm not dumb enough to think that its going to change. It's just the world we live in. Another question, why do we put athletes on such a high pedestal? By the way, do you expect more in terms of morality and character from athletes? Why? Are we not just like you?

Before you get the wrong idea, Im not in any way shape or form trying to defend what Tiger has done. I'm only saying let's look at him as a man not superman. On the golf course looking at him as superman is acceptable. As men we all fall short of the glory. It just burns me up when I have to see athletes go through unnecessary scrutiny because they excel athletically at a sport. Like I said before knowing the facts of a story is one thing, trying to dig up things from someone's personal life, if they did not commit a societal type crime, is not justified for any person. Did we really believe that Tiger was perfect? No. You knew he used profane language. Every man has his flaws, just so happen that this flaw got out to the public. What's done in the dark will come to light. Lets just hope that the star craved media and all the people that follow try to help get a man back on the right track instead of using all of its influences to tear someone down. We would be better for it if we do this for not only athletes but everyone.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Im running out of things to say about our poor play. Right now we're not a good team and definitely not performing like one. By no means will I ever throw in the towel. When we take that field every sunday I will go out there with the confidence of a champion. However, right now he thoughts are kind of sobering to say the least. Coming into this season I would have bet you my entire salary this season that after nine games in we would be with a subpar record. I know the fans out there are extremely disappointed also. They should be. Right now everyone wants answers. Trust me if I had them I would be the first one to tell you.
I know what the problems are. We are not blocking, tacking, running, throwing, or catching well enough to be a good team.

We do have 7 games left in this season with a good Philadelphia team coming to Chicago for a prime time game. Right now its now or never for this season. Its not beyond reason for me to think that we can put together a winning streak and win out. We have good players on this team. Enough good players that if we are all playing well we can beat any team out there.