Friday, August 14, 2009

Buffalo Bills tomorrow night......

Finally we get to play a game. It may only be a preseason game but its still better than practicing with no game in sight. We only have one week left of camp then we go back to our regularly scheduled program. I know everybody is anxious to see Jay Cutler take his first snaps as a Chicago Bear and quite frankly I am also. As much as you fans are excited to see him play, I am just as excited to play with him.
So T.O. is not playing because he has a toe injury. Do you like that fact that he tweeted about his toe injury before he told his team trainers? That's the kind of stuff that will have all NFL teams trying to put some kind of limits on things like twitter.

How do you feel about Mike Vick being signed to Philly? I know everyone has the right to their own opinions but some of these people are going to far. Don't ask me why I was looking at the Fox news network, but I was and i do on occasion. Anyway, this guy was on there saying that Vick should be banned for life from the NFL solely because he shouldn't have the chance to go out and make millions of dollars and be famous. Well riddle me this, say Vick went on to become something besides an athlete and become richer and more famous should they take that away from him also. C'mon people. He went on to say he should have served 10 years and that he had a lenient judge that gave him a soft sentence. Name another situation where a person served that much time. I'm not condoning what he did, what I'm saying is that we as a people cant pick and choose when we want to apply the tag 'paid his/her debt to society' to situation of choice. This guy went on to say that Vick should have to work a regular job at Dennys or somewhere, like others because of his conviction. It seems to me that envy is a factor. I know that some will strong opposition to his reinstatement but I pose a question. If you or someone that's not famous that have a computer skill that he has turned into a million dollar career and he is convicted of dog fighting, should this man not be able to come back to a career if a business is willing to pay him for his skill. Just food for thought..... I don't know Vick personally but as a man I think that he deserve a second chance like everyone else, even if it means he make millions.

We need to get started on the right foot this year. Its imperative that the first team defense, offense, and special teams need to come out and perform at a high level. Confidence is contagious and I believe its there but the only way for it to continue to grow is to play well.

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  1. This is pretty insightful.
    The guy on Fox 13 saying Vick shouldn't have another chance is just plain stupid. That's like saying just because you fall down once you should never walk again.
    About the first preseason game tomorrow night however, go get em tiger!
    God bless ya <3

  2. Yo Dez..Big fan of yours. Wanted to let you know that #1 and #2 Tight End don't mean nothing. You are just as talented as Olsen and have been the epitome of a great Bear for years. Good luck this season, man.. I see a very productive year for the TE tandem. Dez n Greg are going to be a defense nightmare!

    Vick deserves a second chance, no question about that. I can't imagine what people are going to say about Stallworth when he's reinstated. In my eyes, he committed a far greater crime, but his case is settled and we all have to respect the justice departments decisions. Good luck this year bro

  3. all i gotta say is good luck tonight! i'll be watchingg it on tv !!

    i know you'll be great ! :)

    talk to you hopefully after your win tonight on twitter? (sueminnie)


  4. What Vick did was horrible, no question there. But the fact that he did 2 years when guys who have taken human life have done or are doing less doesn't seem right to me. Vick has done more time than a no-name person in the exact same situation would have. He definitely deserves a second chance.

    I think the Eagles made a good move signing him. They seem like they have the right type of organization in the front office and coaching to help nurture him. They also seem like the kind of team that will be able to find creative ways to get him on the field. Imagine both Vick and Mcnabb on the field at the same time? You don't know which one of them is going to get the snap, and they can both run or throw it. Could be a dangerous combo.