Sunday, August 16, 2009

First game

Well folks to sum it up, it was not what we wanted to put on display for the first game of the season. We came out with very high expectations but left the field knowing we have a quite of bit of work to do before we go up and face Green Bay. Jay is right, there is no reason to panic, we will be fine. The offense sputter throughout for the first unit. We couldn't run effective enough and the were not enough plays made in the pass game along with a few costly mistakes. The defense didn't fare much better. If I am recalling the game right, they played decent in the run game. In the pass game, Buffalo was able to make plays and move the ball downfield. Special teams was our best phase but im sure they will like to do some things better also. Special teams did create a turnover, had a big kickoff return, and had a couple of nice downed punts inside the 10.

This was a starting point and measuring stick to find out where we are and where we need to be.


  1. I'm sure things will get better for you guys! As far as Mike Vick & 2nd chances, I believe that everyone desrves a 2nd chance! Now, in order to deserve a 2nd chance a person must have served the neccesary justice for what they did wrong and be completely and honestly sincere and remorseful! It looks like Mike Vick has done all of this! Tony Dungy becoming Mike's new mentor was great! I'm 38 and I remember when I was kid and Tony Dungy was with the Steelers at that time! He came to our inner city of Pittsburgh church which was walking distance from Three Rivers Stadium at that time, and just wowed everyone with his message, and how sincere and friendly he was to everyone! My grandmother still talks about this till this day, and she celebrated her 90th birthday recently on July 25 in Pittsburgh! I will always remember him coming to our church! Franco Harris used to come to our old church sometimes as well because he lived right down the street! As much as I like Franco and was a big Franco Harris fan and the famous immaculate reception that you will see on display if you fly into the Pittsburgh airport, I will always remember Tony Dungy coming to my old Pittsburgh church. I have so much admiration for Tony, and respect him so much! If only we had more people like him in this world, what a better world we would live in today! I try to live my life like he does, and I still can't even compare to Tony Dungy! I just love to see good in the world!

    Now, to T.O. tweeting what he did is a real problem thee days! I can see why teams might crackdown on what players tweet! As usual, in this world with people abusing and doing things the wrong way for their own interests ruins it for the people who abide by the rules and do things the right way! Very sad!

    Dez, I just tweeted you, and sent some of your hometown Lakeland love to you from here in hot, wet, and stormy Lakeland with my hometown Pittsburgh love attached to the Lakeland love!

    I listened to the sports show on Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:00. I'll try to listen to the entire show this Tuesday, and maybe even call in to you guys depending on how I'm feeling with my health! I had a real bad week last week with my health and other life problems! I need a better week this week! Please pray for me, and I will be praying for you! Take care and God Bless!


  2. hey dez -- sue here (sueminnie)
    good thing about this game was that it was able to show you guys what to work on and how to go about it. You still have time to go back and work even harder to prepare for green bay.

    i believe in you boys! we're always so proud of you :)

    keep pushin! & lets talk asap!


  3. There were a few glimpses of what we are all hoping to see, including a nice completion to #88. But overall I was hoping for a little more consistency from the offense. Jay really should have had 2 INT's, and that is a little bit scary. I am hoping this year I can watch a Bears game and not have to hold my breath every time the QB attempts a pass.

    On defense, it really looked like more of the same from last year. It seems to me that offenses have figured out how to beat Lovie's D and there doesn't seem to be any adjustments being made to counter that. I think the players on D are very talented and could be great, but the scheme is almost passive and other teams are exploiting it.

  4. You had a nice catch in there! I'm not too worried about the state of the bears. I think everything will be just nice come the start of the season. Thanks for the updates!