Monday, August 31, 2009

I hate night gmes

So its a day later and I'm just as tired as I was when I got home at 3:30 in the morning. The problem with night games on the road is that you get back so late. I didnt get to sleep until about 4 am. That sucks if you are like me and cant sleep well during the day. So I tell myself that I might as well get up and do something productive. I dragged myself down to get a little treatment on my jammed up neck. Blocking 300 pound men can be hazardous to your health. From there I went and got a massage then came home made some phone calls and got caught up on some things, picked the girls up from school and here I am. I'm drained and ready to go back to sleep.

Last nights game had a regular season feel to it. From the start of the week we prepared for this game as if it was a regular season game. From the kick off the intensity of the game was that of the regular season. Denver had a lot of build up energy and we all know why. For those of you that have been living under a rock, the reason why is Jay Cutler was returning to Denver. It was a hostile environment with the crowd booing, making it hard for us to hear in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage. The Denver defense was coming after Jay like he took something from them. Then again he did, a great quarterback. We just had to weather the emotional surge that they came out of the locker room with. It was also their first home game under the regime of Josh McDaniels. I think after to talking to a few of the guys out there its safe to say everybody is not on the same page with Josh Belichick, oh, I meant McDaniels. Did you see his sideline outfit? Do it remind you of someone? I played in Denver for 3 year with Shanahan and it always seemed that the players out there love playing for that team. I dont think its the case now and I'm talking about the guys who you dont see on tv.

We looked pretty good. After the first couple of series after we weathered the storm we got rolling. I really do think that we have the makings of a team that can do great things this year.


  1. The team looked great last night. The first couple of posessions were dicey, but then everything started to click and the offense moved the ball nicely. You had a GREAT play where you took a nothing play and turned it into 8 yards, in the process making the Broncos defenders look dumb. Good stuff.

    Defense looked better in this game as well. We could be in store for a good year! Green Bay is looking tough so far in preseason, it will be a good test in week one.

  2. Hey Dez. My seats were way up in the nosebleed section. I enjoyed what I could see and on one of your early carries it looked like you were doing a double spin. It was a good carry but it looked like you xpected more. Man there were a lot of Bears fans at that Denver game. I was amazed. I held up my Thanks Denver sign and got some boos, but I also found there were a lot of fellow Bears fans right around me. Great game, especially for a pre-season game.

  3. Great game Dez, not just by my beautiful Bears, but you personally. Cutler throwing you ropes like that during the season will make for a scary offense this year. I'm so excited about the tandem of you and Greg together on the field. The thought of Forte on there too is just mouthwatering ... and to think of Hester and Bennett to fall back on et al ... wow.

    I always knew Cutler would be fine coming to his spititual home ... the Bears ... but he became a man in that game, the prodigal son returned. On what must have been a very difficult environment for him (no one likes being booed), he just got on with the job and didn't let the first few dry series get to him, didn't force anything. Bided his time and acted like a pro. Wasn't impressed with Orlando Pace, expected better from him, or is Dumervil just that GOOD ? Really impressed with Forte ... for throwing the ball away and not trying to force it, even though Hester was open. Great prep for the season - it was like a playoff game !

  4. I hate night games too! You looked great Dez. Considering you weren't feeling well! As impresive as Greg is... I love having the both of you. You have been a consistent part of what is successful about the Bears offense. You've even helped me out alot with my fantasy teams!!! I'm thankful that you are a bear. Also very thankful for all you do off the field!

  5. I had such a good time watching the game and sheesh, the broncos fans are horrible...much like mcdaniels =) but anyways

    i talked w/ matt and he told me that the real desmond clark isn't on twitter or the blogs SO i'm pretty devastated and i'd feel kinda dumb if its true....

    so i'm wondering if i can get a straight answer =/

  6. It appears that the NFL schedule makers have something against the Bears (something like 7 night and/or late games this season). To top it off, you start the season on the road (again) at night (again).

    Looking forward to special things when the season begins when you drub the Packers.....

  7. Hi Dez. I just found your blog; I like it. You have been a productive playmaker with us for a while now and I think you're going to have a really great season this year. With Hester stretching the field and Matt always a threat with the run, you could really end up with a lot of those nice 25 yard pass plays down the middle of the field. I love that play -- you make it look easy. Have a great season!

  8. Thanks for all the great comments and feedback. By the way sue, this is me who else would have a picture of me at the computer looking like that. Thats why i picked that pic, not because its was aa great pic