Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tonight we put on the pads.

Ladies and gentlemen tonight we really start playing football. The pads go on for the first time this year. This will separate the men from the boys. Anybody can look good in shorts when you know no one is going to hit you. People will start to separate themselves from the pack. Lets be real about it, I'm really talking about the rookies and first year player that haven't been around long. We know what the guys that have been on this team and in this league can do. Saying that, us veteran players still have to go out and prove that we still got it. What we have done in the past is just that, the past. The NFL can be a cut throat business. when it comes down to making them finally roster decisions management can care less about who you was and what you did for this teams a year or years ago. It's all about who you are and what you can do for us right now this season.

So i get a text from my brother this morning and he tells me to go out and do my thing today and show everybody what ten years in the league is all about. Then I get to my room and read an article in my hometown paper about my high school teammate Ray Lewis and I think he summed up what being in the league for a decade is all about. He said that talent fades but wisdom continue to grow. I cant run as fast as I could when I was 22 but I'm a better football player now than I was then. Over the years you learn so many little nuances of the game that makes you better. I'm one to always talk a lil smack to our young guys and I told one today that I may not be able to run past him but I guarantee i could consistently get open because I know the game better than him. Aint it odd that I'm considered an old man in football but in the rest of society I'm in the prime of my life. I like to look at the outside society point of view. Make me feel spry.

Aren't you glad you dont have to hear about Brett Favre for the next 3 weeks..................

Do you want to see Michael Vick back in a NFL uniform.....................

2009 What type of season will it be..............


  1. That was some nice insight to the world of the NFL, Dez. I look forward to see what you and Greg are going to do with Cutler as QB this year. I think it'll be very exciting.

    I'm a Bear fan living in Milwaukee, so yeah...I am tired of hearing about Brett Favre. It's refreshing to see that you guys are too.

    Regarding Vick, I think what he did was horrible, but he did his time and should be able to go back to work. He was definitely an exciting man to watch. However, I find it interesting that a lot of people think he should come back, just not on "their" team. A friend of mine is a Seahawks fan and she is OK with Vick being reinstated, she just doesn't want him in Seattle. Interesting logic.

    2009...Super Bowl, Super Bears!!! Have a great camp. Can't wait to see you guys give to the Pack week 1!

  2. Having a little salt on your collar doesnt make you old, it just makes you a salty dog. Any Marine will tell you they make the best foxhole buddy. Keep sharing that knowledge the youngsters need it and some of us aren't close enough to "home" to follow training camp as much as we're used to and look forward to getting the "word" from a true professional and insider rather than the scuttlebutt created to fill quota's by these journalist poges ( just incase youre not familiar with the USMC lingo).

    I know I'm glad the Favre soap opera is over for now, but I'm sure we'll be reminded on a weekly basis of the drama and that cliff hanging mention of November.

    As far as Vick goes, he's paid his debt, well at least to society and that society is a melting pot and thankfully not a stagnant pot. I hope a lesson has been learned as to how someone on the national stage should conduct themselves and hopefully he surrounds himself with people who have his best interest in mind rather then just their own. As to the question, Do I think he should be back in a NFL uniform, my dog Gunny says no, but I dont see why not, as long as the above mention happens and hopefully Dungy has some influence on him. I;m pretty sure it's a foregone conclusion that he will be back this year. Where and what he can do for the team he ends up with, are the only questions left. Hmmmm perhaps Minny, according to Brad Biggs latest twitter or is it tweet, they seem to be having some trouble at QB, but I'm sure Tjack will be fine soon enough....wonder what Wade's take on that is?

    Stay frosty out there Dez, I'm proud my sons are watching a professional at work, and thanks for doing this blog.

    Semper Fi!!!

  3. I am guessing you are probably in your 30's with ten years under your belt and I will tell you this just hit the big 30 this year and boom I was old. Instantly. Although like you say not everything about being old is bad. I know I run circles in my career field around the young guys just starting out... well some of the old guys too but that is cause I am real deal. Ha just playing. Anyway answers to the questions above.

    Yes. Nothing against Favre personally but I hated him as a football player cause he decimated the Bears just about every time we played the Pack.

    If he has the skills to play in the NFL I think he should. I think that a four to six game suspension is good for Vick in the sense that he will have time to get up to speed (although six weeks is a short time I realize) without any pressure on a team to throw him in there even if they are really hurting at QB. He has paid and will be paying his debt to society for years to come. I wouldn't mind him on the Bears even, except the contreversy it would create.

    2009 goals . 1.) Beat Green Bay twice, win the division, super bowl win. 19-0 and we no longer have to hear about the 72' dolphins would be way beyond expectations, but super nice.

  4. Dez looks like we will here more about Favre because Vikings QB had MCL scare. That leads me to ask why don't the Vikings give Vick a shot and yes I want him back in uniform ASAP! The season will definetly be a soap opera with T.O. in Buffalo, Ocho Cinco, America's Team, the wildcat formation and who ever starts at QB for the Bucs will keep us entertained. GO Bears!

  5. Your experience will also help us in our playoff run this year! Thank you for the frequent updates. You know we're all looking for inside skinny on the practices, and you give us some extra insight.

  6. Nice to hear from you! Hopefully Farve will stay retired for real this time, I know I am sick of this talk that has been going on for 3-4 years.

    I think Vick will play in the UFL until someone gets hurt in the NFL then he will be a backup. To tell you the truth he wasn't that good of a QB when he was doing "well." Remember that really cold game against the falcons in 05?

    Is the team getting along well? I hope that culter/urlacher thing is just water under the bridge.

    I think this season will be great!

  7. So glad the Farve talk is over! The guy had a great career, time to hang it up, finally....

    Dez, you have always proved you're a very smart football player, and all of us Bear fans know you will have a great season!

    Vick should be given a second chance, but will any NFL team take the risk. You know how that business is, it's all about reputation! I heard where the Patriots have interest.

    See you in the pro bowl Dez.

    Bear Down,


  8. Hey Dez,

    Love the blog, I hope you still have time during the season to keep it up.

    I've been sick of Favre talk for the past 5 years, thank god it's over.

    I've never been that big of a Vick fan. Don't get me wrong he's a fantastic athlete, but I don't want to see him on the Bears. (That and Caleb looks good in camp.)

    The 2009 season is going to be one to remember for all Bears fans. Thanks in part to Dez and Olsen bringing back TE pride to Chicago.

    Bear Down,

    P.S. check out my blog and let me know what you think

  9. Dez, great to see you will be blogging about the season! I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts as the games get under way. I think you and Greg are both going to have a great year and the Bears will reclaim the NFC North!

  10. Dude, I'm 37, and like my mother says, you never get older in your head than about 25. The body certainly doesn't see it that way though. Vick ? They spear bulls in Spain for entertainment in front of NFL sized crowds. 2009 ? With our new OL, TEs/Hester/Bennett/Rideau, Cutler giving the defense a break, a Marinelli-inspired-rejuvenated DL, Lovie calling the plays ... I backed the Bears in Ireland at 22-1. Super bowl baby. Back where we belong. And that's no kool aid .....

  11. I forgot to mention Monsieur Forte, excusez moi - ZUT ALORS BABY ! Yeah, when opposing defenses are busy trying to figure out how thye're going to cover the best TE combo in football AND Hester AND Bennett AND Rideau AND Knox AND Cutler ... Mr. Forte can also ... run the ball, I guess.