Thursday, September 17, 2009

Im all cracked up.....

As you probably know by now, I have a cracked rib bone. The next question is how long will I be out. The answer is, I really dont know. I woke up feeling a lot better today. Lets hope that that trend continues and I'll be back on the field before you know it. We have big bad Pittsburgh coming in this week and hope that I can be out there with my teammates going to battle against the world champions. Pain is only temporary.
so how many of you have jumped off the bandwagon? I know the answer to that one. Nobody. At least no one that read this blog because I know you guys are all diehards.
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  1. Jumping off the proverbial bandwagon will never be an option for me. No matter what, the Bears are my team. People amaze me when they lack loyalty.

    Hope you heal well and soon! A game without you is like Christmas without Santa!

  2. I hope your cracked rib bone continues to get better! I really want to see you play against my hometown defending Super Bowl Champion and 6 time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. A lot of memories for this 38 year old on the North Side of Pittsburgh. I was just dreamimg on Thursday about my old church on the North Side of Pittsburgh within walking distance of my Pittsburgh Steelers home stadium, but you guys will be playing in Chicago with some real hard hitting from both teams, and I really want to see you out there, Dez, healthy, so get well soon! I know what it is like to live with pain from my neurological dystonia disease condition day after day! I have my good days, and I have my bad days! It gets very painful for me to type, so because I'm typing to you means I care about you!
    This is going to be a tough game for the Steelers coming off that emotional home win on the North Side of Pittsburgh over the Titans in overtime, and the crowd going crazy with the opening night Super Bowl presentation and all the hoopla that went with it! All this combined with your Bears tough loss in Green Bay should really motivate your Bears to play big bad Pittsburgh in your crib on what type of field will be interesting. The Steelers field used to be 1 of the worst fields to play on, and I used to complain about their crappy playing field in the Burgh, and I still can not believe that Lakeland Christian School which is right across the street from my mobile home complex has NFL field turf while actual NFL teams don't have good NFL field turf! Unbelievable that a high school actually has a better field turf than 2 NFL teams like the Steelers and Bears!
    I had my original 1970's terrible towel out last Thursday, and I think I'm going to pull it out again for this game! Very few people still have an original terrible towel from the 1970's, and I don't jump off bandwagons for any of my sports teams. Of course, I am on an unbelieveable run right now with my sports teams overall and I keep wondering how long it will keep going except for my baseball Buccos who are officially now the worst organization in the history of all sports losing 17 consecutive years and I'm still a fan! I'll be at spring training next year here in Lakeland when my Buccos play Tigers cheering the Buccos on for a meaningless spring training game! My parents and I saw them on my birthday March 24 this past spring training at the Disney Complex since they didn't play Tigers in Lakeland this past spring training, and they beat the Braves on my 38th birthday, and my Penn State Nittany Lions basketball team, as I am an alum, beat the Florida Gators in Gainesville also on my birthday on their way to their 1st ever NIT championship, and I had my free birthday day at the Magic Kingdom with my parents! What a great day that was especially with me living with this dystonia disease that I live with pain on and off all the time! My Pens won Stanley Cup, and my Florida Marlins with lowest payroll in baseball are still in wild card race, and I was at game on March 22 in Lakeland that Marlins had a 3 pitcher combined no-hitter against the Tigers! I saw 2 wins by my hockey Pens in Tampa and the 2nd win was them clinching a playoff spot when as usual Pittsburgh fans took over Tampa like they do with the Steelers in many stadiums across this nation! I bet there will be quite a few Steeler fans in Chicago on Sunday! Sorry to get off the subject, but what I was getting at is because I'm still a Buccos fan means I don't jump off bandwagons!
    I have listened to your show, and 1 of these days I just might call your show especially after this Sunday's game win or lose, or I just might e-mail a question! So, look for that on Tuesday. Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go! We Are Penn State! It will be interesting to see what PSU does in these Big Ten games this year! Iowa next week at PSU! I got my EJHEAT tomatoes ready to throw at you, Dez, for not being a Big Ten football fan! LOL... That is the bottom line because me and kick some OOM-PA-PA Coach E said so!!!!


  3. Dez - Man, how tired do you get of answering the same questions by the end of a game week? Just reading all the articles has me exahausted. I can't imagine what it's like having to talk about something that happened so quickly on the field. How hard is it not to answer, "hey man, sometimes s$%* happens."?

    Injuries are the thing I like the least about the Not For Long. It's so hard to see guys that put in a ton of hard work and dedication only to get it taken away so quickly. That goes for Lac, A Gonzalez, and the rest of the week one casualties that seem to happen every year. Heal quick, man. We need you out on the field if this team is going to get to it's goals.

    Enjoy it Dez, I envy you.

  4. While I have been disappointed in the Bears performance on occasions, I have never been close to jumping ship. I was born a Bears fan back in 1974. I witnessed the 85 season as a wide-eyed boy. I have seen both the good and the bad, but never thought once about turning in my blue and orange colors.

    Dez, I hope that you can make a speedy recovery. I am concerned that those Packer doctors in GB may have slipped something in your IV. Please have the team run some tests... ;) j/k

    The team will miss you while you are out, but know that we the fans are awaiting your return. Please do not rush your return and put yourself in danger of missing more time. I am sure that Davis can help out in your absence. I know that Greg will step up his game as well.


  5. you'll be out there in no time! i have faith in you!
    OH and theres another person that comments you under the name "SUE" so i'll just leave my comments w "sueminnie"

    and dez, i sent you that email. let me know what you think when you get a chance.


  6. Jump ship ? We're the Bad News Bears ! We expect this S#%$! Can't wait for the Steelers game ... we can't block them, they can't block us. Should be a similar game to the opener - time to lay the smack down on Fat Ben Worthlessberger.

    Cutler's had a hard time from the media, but he'll be saving our skins before long. "Ortman" would have been sacked 6 or 7 times during that game ! Jay extended plays time and again, but got little help from his blockers and receivers. Dez, is it true that during training camp that there was no preparation for Cutler's roll-outs ? Was there nothing decided by the coaches as to where the receivers should go if he scrambles ? Could this actually be ignored on an NFL team ? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail ... Bear down !

  7. Ouch ! Hope the rib gets better... and soon....

    You guys will have the last laugh when you are in the playoffs....

    So many "Chicken Littles" and "ZOMG ! The sky is FALLING !" amongst the writers and fans out there. Then there are those who quietly keep the faith.......

    Get well, and keep us die-hards informed about things we normally would not be able to have access to, and we will be happy.....

    Go Bears !

  8. Dez, can you please do me a favor and tell Ron and Lovie that if they keep running the draw on third and long I am going to throw my remote control through my TV screen? Might as well just punt on third and long.