Monday, September 28, 2009

Like butter............

We're on a roll. Maybe it's a short roll but we are rolling. In order to get on a winning streak you have to win that first one, then the second, and we have done that. These two hard fought victories has really shown the character of this team. A bunch of guys that will fight to the very end because losing, in our mind, is not an option. I still believe this team can be a special.

Seattle has to be the loudest outdoor stadium in the league. That place get so loud that you cant hear yourself talk to yourself. The thing that is amazing is that the crowd will come to a hush when their offense is on the field. Very intelligent crowd out there. Plus, the city of Seattle seems to be a great city. They have a great sushi restaurant out there named Red Fin if you wish to check it out. Some of the guys and I went there and had a nice meal.

How about the play of our young receivers. Coming into this year all the talk was about how good could they be, we need to bring in someone else, Devin is not a number one receiver. I think up to this point they have proven all the naysayers wrong. I am supremely confident that they will continue to show and prove.

As for myself, I was really trying to push myself back into the action in Sunday's game but it just didn't happen. I will give it a go again this week. Hopefully, by Sunday I will be healed and healthy enough to make my home debut this year. It's been strange watching from the sideline after not missing a game since '04. I never want to get used to being on the sideline and it's eating at me that I missed this much time.

Here's to getting back on the field.

How about the Lions winning.......

Mike Vick made his return.........

Brett doing what Brett does.........

Can you believe the Titans are 0-3

Can you believe Denver is 3-0

Drew Brees is still in the conversation for best QB.........

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Later ........


  1. Dez - Great win, although I think it would have been a little easier if you were on the field. Is Hunter OK? It would suck to lose another LB.

  2. Get well soon Dez!

    How many TDs did Brees have on Sunday ? Thank you. Cutler's the best QB in the NFL, lay that one to rest. I have a man crush on JC.

    Jay Cutler. Soon to be legendary. Without him we are 0-3.

    Lovie Smith's little red hanky.

    D-line is a revelation under Marinelli. Keep it up boys.

    Apologies to Devin Hester. Amazing catches and has looked like a top drawer receiver this year. Wow.

    Johnny Knox will be a fine receiver some day. Needs to hold onto more passes and polish his routes, but promising.

    We get to smash the kitties next week! Yay !

  3. Negatives

    OL needs to start earning their paychecks. Only Garza looks like he's performing. No point in having talent like Cutler and Forte if the line can't block for them. Angelo's fault. The man cannot draft. Must go.

    Ron Turner's play-calling is a general train wreck and will hold this team below its potential. Must go, no more excuses, he sucks at his job. Air Coryell-type offense does not work against modern defenses, but wouldn't be as bad if he could run some of Gibbs's counter traps or treys.

    Missed tackles on defense. Wow. Lots. Apparently only the rookie Afalava knows how to tackle. And that includes Briggs, who was otherwise good on Sunday.

    Come back quickly Dez. Please. Greg Olsen was all the rage at training camp. Reality ? Can't catch, can't block. Falls over too much. Hears footsteps. Waste of space. Where was Kellen Davis against the Seahags ? 6'7 monster, he can catch AND block. More Davis, less Olsen please.

    Earl Bennett. Hmmmm. Drops too many passes. Dives out of bounds at the first sign of trouble. Looks to lack toughness. Afraid of contact, and not playing very much in the spirit of Walter Payton.

    We're missing Brandon Rideau. 6'3 tough veteran receiver with sure hands. We cut him for ... rookie Juaquin Iglesias ? Why ?

    We miss you Brian. We really miss you.

  4. You've got to be truly itching to get back into the fray this week- here's hoping you can-they need your blocking even more so than your recieving skills....

    Jay is the REAL DEAL. Same with the WRs. Good to see they are improving week to week.

    The D is growing too- lots of youth there. That is also good to see. Lance Briggs brings the goods. Thank Peanut for the strip, as it made up for his "tackle" (or lack thereof) earlier in the game. And tell Nick he's a beast and for Hunter to get well.

    I just wish this team would put some of these teams away and not wait around for missed FGs and the 4th quarter to pull ahead for the last time. Cardiac kids.

    You guys are on a roll... stay on that roll... all the way to Miami !

  5. A lot of people I have talked to have said things like "I've never felt so bad about the Bears winning a game". I think that people were expecting you guys to tear up a very injured team in Seattle.

    But it really adds perspective when you bring up things like crowd noise and how the Seattle fans get involved and are aware of when/when not to make some noise. This isn't college, every one on an NFL roster is a pro. Sure, beat-downs happen every season (i.e. NYG vs. Tampa last week), but this week was a reminder that it is dificult to win games in the NFL, much less on the road in a hostile environment.

    That being said, Detroit has to deal with a hostile environment this Sunday at noon when they come to the lakefront.

    I heard you got back to practice last Friday, Dez, so I'm really hoping you'll be able to go this weekend. Your veteran presence is missed among all of the receivers and TEs and I think Jay and the Offense will really be able to put on an aerial attack against Detoilet if you're back on the field. Hope your ribs are healing up buddy, take care.