Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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From my all cracked up blog there were a lot of interesting comments. Sorry I can't answer them all and for that reason I rarely answer them but I do read them. I appreciate all the well wishes and the love from Bear Fandom. We couldn't do what we do without you. The fourth phase was amazing during the Steelers game. Please keep that up. I have a question for you, do you have ill will for Orton. I ask, because at the game when they showed a clip of him throwing a touchdown the crowd booed him. Just thought that was odd. If you do have ill will for him, please explain. I know that you as fans don't always understand why we do some of the things we do and vice versa.

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  1. No way. Orton may not be as gifted as Cutler, but he seems like a really stand-up guy. I don't get why someone would have a beef with him.

  2. Dez,

    Hope the ribs are getting better. I was glad to see Kellen have a good showing vs the Steelers. Looks like the running game is still having trouble. We need your blocking to get that going ASAP.

    To answer your question about Kyle, I personally never had any dislike for him. I remember watching him play at Purdue and thinking he was a good kid. I didn't think he was a bad player, but I am not sure he is up to being an NFL starting QB. He will not lose a game for you, but he didn't win many either. His inability to hit Hester deep was mind numbing last year. I think that is what we all hope Jay will bring to the table.

    Remember that every town has it's meathead fans. That is probably the same group that booed Rex all the time. They are probably related to the guys in Philly who booed Santa.

  3. The people that booed Orton probably haven't read your question because they aren't bright enough to work the "magic internet box".


  4. I have a hard time believing people were booing Kyle. I would guess people were booing Denver. All the Chicago fans saw the reception you guys got in Denver from their fans in the pre-season and I think there is some natural disdain for Denver since Jay is our guy now.

    I always liked Kyle, he played really well until he got hurt last year and he always seemed like a class act. I really liked Kyle and was sorry to see him go. I thought it was a great story how he started as a rookie, then went to a backup and kept working, put his time in and played really well last year till his ankle injury. I hope his has a really good career.

  5. im listening to your show now! lovin it! :)

    hope you feel better ASAPP !! we need you out there!

    glad to see you updated your twitter today! you needa be on there more! :)

    oh and did you get a chance to read the email i sent you? lemme know!


  6. I knew my boys would skin the Steelers ! Bring on the chickens !

    Listened to the game on radio - didn't know Kyle got booed. That's weird. He's the reason we got Cutler, right ? Denver liked Kyle better than Campbell etc. and that's why Cutler is a Bear and not a Redskin. Sorry to see Kyle go, but I'd swap him for Cutler any old day of the week. JC has every throw in the book, Kyle doesn't. Period. Never liked Rex, but always liked Kyle, even though he couldn't throw it long. But to boo him ? That's just plain weird. It was our defense that was the major problem last year, not Kyle, it's not like he killed us.

    Now go pluck those Seachickens ...

  7. P.S. Maybe, if things didn't go well for Kyle this year we could get him back off the Broncos for not a lot and we could have a dependable backup.

  8. Not sure why the hate on Kyle. He's kind of the innocent bystander with fallout from the Cutler trade.

    He's a true football player..... and I think that is one of the best compliments you can give someone.

    De-feather and deep fry the Seahawks !

  9. Dara, unless Denver signs Kyle to an extension, he will be a free agent at the end of the season. But, I highly doubt Kyle would want to go anywhere that he did not have a chance to start. He probably would prefer not to regress back to the backup role. His best chance is sticking it out in Denver.

    And, not to mention, I think we have something pretty special in Caleb. I feel very secure having him backing up Mr. Dependable.

  10. After the game the first week, you mentioned in your blog that the people who read on here are the real fans, the hardcore fans, who haven't given up hope yet.

    I would think those would also be the fans who understand football enough to hold no ill will towards Orton. He had a tough run in Chicago, but always kept his head held high and just went at his work. I think we respect that, in a way a lot of drunken, fair-weather fans don't.

    Hell, I still respect Rex for bringing the Bears to their first Super Bowl since 1985, and hold him no ill will.

    The people who boo don't understand what's happening on the field, were the same idiots who gave up after week one, and are the same idiots who wouldn't be rooting if the Bears weren't winning.

    Screw 'em. Bear Down.

  11. I wish only the best for Kyle. Those who boo are ignorant. It is disappointing when the fans turn on former players or current players. It is embarassing to see that type of behavior displayed. Just a thought...I know some Bronco fans have been complete morons regarding the Cutler situation. They make a point of disrespecting the Bears. That just may be a reason Orton is being thrown under the bus. Completely wrong, but some lack the maturity to see the situation for what it really is. Sad, but true.

  12. I agree with everyone else on here, no ill-will whatsoever towards Kyle. He isn't the most physically gifted QB out there, but he still has a lot of the attributes that you look for in a QB. He can take a beating, he can play hurt, and he's pretty decent about protecting the ball and making the right read. He can't hit the deep ball with consistency, but that's a problem for a lot of QBs. Thankfully, not for Cutler.

    I don't put Kyle in the top 10 QBs in the league, but he will not lose a game for you. Just give him a running game and a D and you've got a chance. Sounds elementary, but I've seen many, many Bears QBs over the years who had that and still managed to find a way to lose. For what it's worth, I never booed Rex either.

    But what neither of those guys did, and what I'm hoping Jay will do/has done, is to supplant Olin as the leader of the offense. You need a QB to take control and to be the most vocal guy in the huddle. He gets the ball on every play, so he's the guy who has to stand up and lead. So far, so good for Jay, in my opinion.

    Good luck this weekend Bears. Seattle is pretty banged up this week, but you know what they say about wounded animals. Also, that is a tough stadium to win in as the visiting team. Not as tough as Soldier though!

    Later Dez.