Friday, September 4, 2009

Our field is terrible......

Let me get all of my negative energy out first. Did you guys take a good look at our field. If you did you had to be disgusted. Lets take a look at some of the things before I make my statement about how I feel. Just assume you didnt read the title of this blog. Last week we played on a field that was immaculate in Denver. We have only played one game at Soldier Field. We are basically the biggest market in the league and I say that because New York is split between two teams. Green Bay has a nice playing surface. It was not always this way until the last couple of years when they revamped it by adding a synthetic grass that is woven in with the real grass. Some of our opponents comments: "yall play on a cow pasture" "this is the shittiest field in the league" "what the hell is going on with this field". These are a few comments that come to mind. What the hell is the park distict of Chi cgo doing when it comes to taking care of this field. They have to resod the whole field before we play Pittsburgh, which will lead to loose turf. Basically, to some it up in a sentence, we have one of the worst fields in the NFL and there are no excuses why the Chicago Bears, of all teams, should have to play on such a bad surface.

Thank God preseason is over and here we come Green Bay.

Sunday night football, couldnt think of a greater way to start the season


  1. And I bet the field will be nice too (hate the Packers, but you gotta love the rivalry :D)

    Take it to 'em Dez !

  2. DEZZ.
    i feel like youve been so down lately =/ you okay?

    but anyways, letss get green bay & then chicago can fix the field :) hah,

    oh and interesting fact: i found out that i live by like 6 bears players? hahaha.. =) you live in lake county right?

  3. Hey Dez you're right. It drives me crazy watching our guys playing on that surface. I'm always worried about one of our players getting injured and it slows the game down.

    I'm glad to hear a players view on this and really hope ownership takes notice. Turfs are much better than they used to be and that's what we need in Soldier field again.

    I look forward to watching you in Green Bay!! Please lightup the Packers for us, please!!!

  4. Field turf is needed. good luck dez , your a great Bear.

  5. Dez,
    Agreed about the field. On another note, keep up your hard work. You are one of the faces of the Bears and my family's favorite player with the way you conduct yourself on and off field. Go get Green Bay

  6. Hey Dez - as a player what sort of turf do you like to play on best - and along those lines, knowing how the Park District rents out the field, what sort of turf do you think would be best for our situation?

  7. Soldier Field should mean "Home of the Chicago Bears" not "Home for any rent-paying tenant".

    Good luck against the cheeseheads, and I hope you all come out of it healthy. I know you'll get a TD and the Bears will be victorious before mousing the Steelers at home the following week. Football is back ! Go Bears !!

  8. The Bears need to go down to U.S. Cellular and get Roger Bossard, the best turf man on Earth. Seriously, there should never be a situation in whic Soldier Field has anything less than a stellar playing surface. Hey Dez, you guys still feel a rivalty with Barnet? I would love to see one of the Bears TEs take his head off on a good (clean) block.

  9. dez, i have a question how war can cutler really throw

  10. Dez,

    What I find really ironic is that Lovie wanted to keep out a bunch of starters in Buffalo due to the field, yet has no problems putting those same guys out on the home field. Chicago fans want what is best for the PLAYERS. I know it doesn't cost more than a few mil to put in field turf. Heck, my kids high school team has field turf and a jumbo tron scoreboard. They have the same stuff that Ohio State uses.

    Anyway, Bear Down brother! Give Green Bay hell!

  11. Let's hope it doesn't take one of you guys blowing out a ACL and ruining our chances for a Super Bowl run, to get management to fix a pretty f'n obvious problem.

  12. Dez,
    Just found this blog and you have written some good stuff. Keep it up! My wife and I were at the same resort as you and your family last July in Vero Beach right before camp during the "Brett Favre as a bear rumors". With such a small resort it was really nice sharing the beach with you and your very large family. I even wrote about our experience last july on my blog. I was impressed with the way you acted while on vacation. You represent Chicago well and I was proud to call myself a Bears fan while in Florida. Keep up the hard work. We'll be cheering for you throughout the season. Bear Down and crush the Pack!

  13. Hey Dez,

    Great blog!

    Great point too. The park district really got a sweet deal in the first place. They should ante up for a great feild.

    Did you see the sun times quoted you in the paper today? That's got to be annoying.


  14. Dez, I couldn't agree more with you. It is crazy that the field looks the way it did when you guys played your first preseason game at home. Now that they just tore it up and resodded it will have less than a week to settle. I sure hope that no one gets hurt because of that crap. A bigtime City like Chicago should not have an issue like this. TWO WORDS PARK DISTRICT AND BEARS OWNERS......FIELD TURF. At the very least, we need to protect your investments....right?

  15. Everytime they replace the sod at Soldier Field, someone gets hurt. Evergreen Turf, come in and show the Bears how to lay some sod.