Monday, October 5, 2009

Bye Week......

There is no better way to go into a bye week than on a win.

It felt good to get back out there with the guys and play a lil football yesterday. When I woke up that morning I had a renewed excitement to play football. It seemed as if had been a couple of months since I last played.

Did you enjoy the game? It was very exciting. Detroit came to play, especially in the firs half. Their rookie QB came out firing to Calvin Johnson, the best young WR in the game. It took out defense a few series to make the necessary adjustments to take away that connection. Coming out in the second half the defense shut the Lions down by getting after the QB and causing a couple of key turnovers, giving the offense the ball on a very short field leading to easy score.

I seen a stat that said since Lovie became our head coach we have cause the most turnovers in the NFL in that time span. That says a lot because Lovie is always preaching to the defense to get the ball out and the do, year in and year out.

The offense benefited from a superb special team effort and turnover crated by the defense. We were able to put 48 points on the board without having 300 yards of total offense. That's what happen when the defense giv you the ball with 5 yards to go for a TD and the special teams have a TD return and cut the field in half for the offense.

How about your QB going airborne for the TD. I would rather not see him taking hits like that but that's the kind of player we have. He's going to get it done any way he can, even if it means sacrificing his body to do so. I had a front row seat for that TD. as he was getting spun around I'm thinking to myself, I hope that didn't hurt.

Nice win for the BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dez,

    Congrats on the win! It was nice to see you back on the field.

    BUT, please do not tackle Cutler after a TD again... =)

    All I can say is that game did not feel like a blow out. I still cannot comprehend how we put 48 on the board. That is not to take anything away from you guys, but as little offense we put up, you would expected it to be a much closer game. I have all the faith in the world in the O, you just were not needed to show your A game.

    I give the D and ST a lot of credit in this win. Johnny with the return TD to open the second half was sweet. But even more telling was our average starting position. Maynard had some very nice punts. Kick and punt coverages were hleped by the fact that Detroit couldn't catch anything. LOL.


  2. A win is a win is a win :D

    Glad to see you back out their again. Must've felt good to knock the rust off after the time off.....

    Tell Kellen Davis congrats on a good game he had again too....

    Congratulate Robbie G for his first 50+ FG made in the regular season (And Brad Maynard too for his coffin corner punts).

    Also, congrats Tommie H on his Int. Dlinemen have got to LOVE getting a turnover like that....

    It sure is nice to have a QB who plays full throttle and will do ANYTHING to get into the endzone (and has the ability to run it himself as well as lasering a pass into the endzone !)

    These are not last year's (or last decade's) Lions... that's for sure.....

    The NFC North is such a tough Division now...

    In 2 weeks its time to avenge that debacle against Atlanta you guys had last time !

  3. That was a lot of fun to watch. I'm glad to see we have a QB that will get it done...but I was holding my breath on the Jaycopter play. Good to see you back out there.

  4. ahhhh !! i was so excited to see you play yesterday!

    im glad you're feeling a lot better! :)

    oh man, that td by cutler though, ahhhhhh i was freaking out :) :)

    oh and dez, you needa go back to your fans on twitter! we miss you! hahah and you need to reply to my email !! or follow me so i can DM you it.


  5. I was kind of glad to see Cutler go for it. It shows the dedication he has to the team as well as the drive he has to win. Also, I like how he actually tried to make the throw on the hail-mary pass. It shows that he's not worried about his "stats" being affected by a possible interception.

  6. Dez, great win and welcome back ! Had to listen to the game on internet radio so I couldn't see what was going on. Calvin Johnson is a beast, but Peanut took care of him in the second half. Saw the highlight of Cutler going airborne - he reminds me of Jim McMahon a lot in his attitude and must-win mind set. Compare him to Aaron Rodgers and Cutler is the real deal. Rodgers won't throw it away, holds onto the rock like it's his little child. Looks indecisive and afraid of contact. Cutler is the man.

    No negative vibes on the Lions game. We won, and put a bunch of points on the board in doing so. As a team we rocked, considering we are down three linebackers, it's unbelievable.

    You should definitely be put back as #1 TE with Kellen Davis being promoted to #2 though. Olsen needs to sit. Ten receptions in 4 games ? A whole bunch of 3rd down drops ? In two games he's had a TOTAL of 2 catches when the ball was thrown at him 14 times. Targeted 14 times and pulling in two. That sucks, even if they were TDs. Those are not #1 TE numbers. Considering the guy can't even block - why is on the field ? Lovie needs to drop the hammer on that boy, he's hurting the team.

    You guys will be able to beat the Vikes through the air - I watched the Packers game. Their secondary looks like their only weakness. Bear Down !