Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Did you listen..........

If you listened to my show Sportsmanlike Conduct today, you heard a guy call in and debate with the crew on the opinion of Donavan Mcnabb being a hall of famer. Here's my argument. Let's look at some of the greatest QB's of all time and compare their numbers.
Joe Montana 40,551 yards 273 TD's 139 Int's 63.2 %
Johnny Unitas 40,239 yards 290 TD's 253 Int's 54.6%
John Elway 51,475 yards 300 TD's 228 Int's 56.9
Terry Bradshaw 27,989 yards 212 TD's 210 Int's 51.9%
Tom Brady 26,446 yards 197 TD's 86 Int's 63%
Peyton Manning 45,628 yards 333 TD's 165 Int's 64.4%
Dan Marino 61,361 yards 420 TD's 252 Int's 59.4%
Brett Farve 65,127 yards 464 TD's 310 Int's 61.6%
Troy Aikman 32,942 yards 165 TD's 141 Int's 61.5%
Steve Young 33,124 yards 232 TD's 107 Int's 64.3%
Roger Staubach 22,700 yards 153 TD's 109 Int's 57%
Fran Tarkenton 47,003 yards 342 TD's 266 Int's 57%
Joe Namath 27,663 yards 173 TD's 220 Int's 50.1%
Bart Starr 24,718 yards 152 TD's 138 Int's 57.4%
Otto Graham 23,584 174 TD's 135 Int's 55.8%
Dan Fouts 43,040 yards 254 TD's 242 Int's 58.8%
Bob Griese 25,092 yards 192 TD's 172 Int's 56.2%
Jim Kelly 35,467 yards 237 TD's 175 Int's 60.1%

These are the best QB's to ever play the game. I may have left one or two off the lis but I believe I did a very thorough job of compiling this list. Now let's look at Donavan McNabb's stats.

29,320 yards 194 TD's 90 Int's 58.9%

These stats are from a 10 year career. Let's say that he plays 5 more years. This is just hypothetical, he could get hurt and play less which would put his HOF bid in jeopardy or he can play another 8 years and be solid. Just for argument sake lets say 5 years throwing for an average of 3,000 yards 19 TD's an 9 Int's a year, which has been his average. That will put him over 44,000 yards 290 TD's 140 Int's.

I know the argument, he didnt win a championship. Ok, true, not to this point anyway. There are a few players on the list that dont have a ring. The next argument is he is playing in an era with greater QB's. Ok, true again. I did not say he will be a first ballot hall of famer, only that he will get in.

Looking at the numbers he will have more passing yards, TD's and Int's than 11 of the players on this list. If he does not win a Super he will have to wait a few years (5-10) after he is eligible to get in. He will get in if he goes another 5 years putting up the number of an average season.

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Will Mcnabb end up in the Hall of Fame?


  1. First up. Numbers don't say it all. Look at Favre's & Marino's stats - video game numbers - but give me Joe Montana over those guys any day of the week. GOAT. I'd even have Jim McMahon as my QB over most of those HOFers too. Terry Bradshaw ? Please....

    Donovan McNabb for the HOF ? Let's wait til the guy retires first. Certainly doesn't deserve it on the numbers he has now. I'm not saying a guy needs to a ring to get in (rings are all that has Bradshaw there), but what has he done, really ?

  2. Feelings on the Cards game, Dez ? Lovie said that the Cardinals "showed up ready to play". So we didn't show up ready to play ? He said that he "doesn't know what's wrong ..." ... well, if the HC doesn't know what's wrong then he can't fix it. Wrong man for the job if he doesn't know what's going on or how to fix it. All I hear from the Bears is "We need to play better.". Every week. Atlanta, Cincy, Cards - no kidding we need to play better. It's like a running joke. It's like no one is playing with any pride and just mailing it in, picking up their pay check. What happened Dez ? Are you guys going to beat the Vikes ? Is there any passion left in the locker room ?

  3. I take great offense to someone saying we are mailing it in. Really! do you know how much we put in to this. You have no idea. Just because you lose that dont mean you have no pride. You dont think that we are hurt and disappointed after losing games. Your passion is different from ours. For fans I ask, when you lose faith that we are going to win, does that mean you lack passion for your team. Just because you are not winning games and playing winning football it doesn't mean we are playing with no passion. If we could put our finger on whats wrong we would. You know that we want to win more than anyone else right? It don't always happen. I dont know how to fix the problems either but by going back and playing better as a individual. I hope I'm not the wrong tight end since I have the same (non) answers. We are as dissapointed as anyone and I assure you there is passion. Another funny thing is that the money thing is always an issue. We do play for a check also, thats how we feed our family. There's no doubt about it.