Saturday, November 14, 2009

Im running out of things to say about our poor play. Right now we're not a good team and definitely not performing like one. By no means will I ever throw in the towel. When we take that field every sunday I will go out there with the confidence of a champion. However, right now he thoughts are kind of sobering to say the least. Coming into this season I would have bet you my entire salary this season that after nine games in we would be with a subpar record. I know the fans out there are extremely disappointed also. They should be. Right now everyone wants answers. Trust me if I had them I would be the first one to tell you.
I know what the problems are. We are not blocking, tacking, running, throwing, or catching well enough to be a good team.

We do have 7 games left in this season with a good Philadelphia team coming to Chicago for a prime time game. Right now its now or never for this season. Its not beyond reason for me to think that we can put together a winning streak and win out. We have good players on this team. Enough good players that if we are all playing well we can beat any team out there.


  1. On any given Sunday.....

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step....

    Giving the Eagles a thumping would be a good start....

    And get Ron Turner to get all 3 of you TEs on the field at once ! What can it hurt ?

  2. The talent is there with this team. It just seems like the offense and defense don't show up on the same day. But anyway, keep fighting and know that many fans are behind you guys.

    While the Vikings have the edge on the North, the NFC wild card race is still up in the air.

    Also, teams like the Broncos and Giants started hot and then started losing. The Bears just need to do the opposite of them and finish strong. Stranger things have happened. I believe that the 2007 Giants squeaked into the wild card that way (winning towards the end), and they also had a couple bad losses. The NFL is so unpredictable, you can never give up.

    --the other Sue

  3. Just as I promised "anonymous".

    You rock. You'll get it back.

  4. Dez - Tell Lovie that he needs to make adjustments for the team he is playing against. Tell Ron Turner that if I can guess what the next play is going to be, I guarantee you the opposing coach can. And Tell Jay that on game day he should take a look at his jersey, then try to only throw the ball to guys that are wearing a jersey that looks the same as his. (That one may be a bit harsh, when he is running for his life on every play and his WR's aren't exactly doing him any favors there is only so much blame that can be put on him.)

    Good luck tonight, hoping things get turned around.