Friday, December 4, 2009


I know its been a long time. Sorry about that. This have probably been the most difficult season I have had in the NFL. Dealing with the injuries all year and the lack of production, which is something that is sometimes out of my control, and most importantly losing all these darn games have made this season up to this point not a rememberable one.

As you may already know, I am trying to recover from a neck injury that has been nagging me since the Arizona game. I think this may be the most games I have missed in a season. Certainly the most in the last 7 years.

Have you guys been listening to my internet radio show. If you have not then shame on you. The show, I think, have been really good but of course I have a biased opinion. The reason why its been good is because you guys have been listening, calling, texting, and emailing in to the show and I appreciate it. If you don't know where to go to listen log on, at 6pm eastern on Tuesdays. The call in number to the show is 18883469144, you can text your comments and questions 18633990107, and you can email questions and comments to The name of my show is Sportsmanlike Conduct. I would like to hear from you. Listen to Sportsmanlike Conduct and give me some feedback on the show.

Unless you've been under a rock for the last week you had to hear about all things going on with Tiger. So what do you have to say about it. Here's what I got to say about. First of all, I dont want or need to know all of Tiger's personal business. For that matter is it anybody's business. Being an athlete myself I sympathize with him because its really not fair that when we as athletes get in trouble every Tom, Dick, and Harry have something to say. Just because athletes make a lot of money and we are in the public eye for what we do for a living dont give everyone the right to feel like they are obligated to know our personal life. I always say that if Joe Blow gets a DUI he gets his ticket, court date, jail time, or whatever his consequences for his mishaps and go on with his life. As an athlete we have to deal with the same as Joe Blow but then we have to deal with everyone want to know all the personal details behind the facts. It will be ok with me if the facts were giving and thats it. Instead, we have to deal with the speculation and the idiots that want to spread the gossip. Question? If Adrian Peterson gets a speeding ticket is that news worthy? Yes, because it was news this morning. If my brother Paul Clark get a ticket for speeding, why is that not news?

I know what you are saying, Dez you guys are athletes and it comes with the territory. My answer to you is, I know. The question still remains is it fair or right. I'm not dumb enough to think that its going to change. It's just the world we live in. Another question, why do we put athletes on such a high pedestal? By the way, do you expect more in terms of morality and character from athletes? Why? Are we not just like you?

Before you get the wrong idea, Im not in any way shape or form trying to defend what Tiger has done. I'm only saying let's look at him as a man not superman. On the golf course looking at him as superman is acceptable. As men we all fall short of the glory. It just burns me up when I have to see athletes go through unnecessary scrutiny because they excel athletically at a sport. Like I said before knowing the facts of a story is one thing, trying to dig up things from someone's personal life, if they did not commit a societal type crime, is not justified for any person. Did we really believe that Tiger was perfect? No. You knew he used profane language. Every man has his flaws, just so happen that this flaw got out to the public. What's done in the dark will come to light. Lets just hope that the star craved media and all the people that follow try to help get a man back on the right track instead of using all of its influences to tear someone down. We would be better for it if we do this for not only athletes but everyone.


  1. Just get healthy, Dez.

    Here's hoping your new offensive coordinator next year will utilize you guys more :D

    Regarding Tiger, pesonally I don't care- I think we as a people tend to unduly obsess about folks who are in the public eye- whether sports figures or movie stars.

    But for some reason it sells papers and increases veiwership.

    If only our public officials (especially those at the kleptochracy that is the Federal level) were under more scrutiny for some of their *nefarious* practices and meetings held behind closed doors.

    Romo Victo. Bread and Circuses. Bread and Circuses.....

  2. Welcome back Dez, the Bears miss their #1 TE !!

    First off, I was never a fan of Tiger's. Zero personality on that dude, and what's there of it sucks - he could do with some basic human decency. But people DO expect better from him because he markets himself as one of those holier-than-thou athletes, so yes, he IS accountable for his actions as No.1 Golfer blah blah. And are celebrities not just like the rest of us ? Hell, no! Tellin' me you don't know that dude ? Can't have your cake and eat it too. Take the rough with the smoooth my son ! Celebrity is the opposite of the rest of us, that's what makes it celebrity - it's weird and messed up, but that's the fame game, right ?

  3. I guess Letterman is secretly loving this though ....

  4. Dez I am with you. The media only likes to report the bad the majority of the time. When you are a star whether it be an athlete, politician, actor, musician, etc. they always hold you in a different standard and then your spouse, children and family end up suffering as well. If you are a star and your distant cousin goes out and robs a bank, why is your name dragged into it when you had nothing to do with it. Because they just want to be able to have something to say. I have experienced this growing up.

  5. Dara, I dont choose to be a celebrity. I really wish that i can be viewed as a normal joe. Thats the way I live my life and thats the way I treat people and like to be treated.

  6. Dez Says: "I always say that if Joe Blow gets a DUI he gets his ticket, court date, jail time, or whatever his consequences for his mishaps and go on with his life. As an athlete we have to deal with the same as Joe Blow"

    Drew Says: "You hardly have to deal with it like Joe Blow, that's an outrageous statement. Should we look at the NFL players that have killed people with their DUI's and are still playing in the league and as if they are still be being treated by worse than Joe Blow?

    Dez Says: but then we have to deal with everyone want(ing) to know all the personal details behind the facts.”

    Drew Says: Yeah, ummmm you draw a salary from a league which is paid for by fans who love the sport, and in most cases the stadioums in which you play are owned by and paid for by citizens. Not too mention the products we use, who sponsor athletes….When you get paid like a King for a child’s game, expect to at a minimum to bear some of that accountability. You can’t sign a for a big paycheck in a national game and expect to remain out of the National Media.

    Dez Says: "I'm only saying let's look at him as a man not superman"

    Drew Says: "Specifically in Tigers case, is he was he perfect/Superman probably not, but he accepted millions of dollars to contend that he was near perfect…..he was paid to provide an image by his sponsors…which he failed to live up to. So don't blame Joe Blow and the media for looking at him and expecting from him what he was paid to be.

  7. That's the hard thing about something like football, you want to play football, but don't want to be a 'celebrity'. I can dig that, I'm kinda shy. Unfortunately my friend, society decides celebrity status for you. People miss being a normal Joe whenever that's gone. I don't have to deal with random people coming up to me in the street or whatever and have people thinking they know who I am. Thing is I'm not sure that Tiger ever wanted to be a normal Joe. He seems to buzz off all the attention. Celebrity is one of the strangest things in life. It affects everybody. I couldn't tell you anything about Tiger's infidelities, don't read 'em. But he knows he's probably the highest profile sports star in the world, and he should definitely have seen that coming. Dumb dumb dumb. Play with matches etc.

    I can't help it ....

    Why is Santa different to Tiger ?

    Santa stops after three 'HO's ......

  8. Hey Dez, check out a tribute to you from our boy Roy ...
    Google 'Mad love for Dez Clark' (can't paste into your message area ...