Saturday, December 12, 2009

Whats in a name........

Guys, girl, and others ........... don't laugh at the others part because there are people that would classify themselves as that. I want to be all inclusive here. Anyway, I need your help again. I have a lawn service in florida that I bought from the previous business owner. I have a feeling that the old name of the company are keeping some folks from hiring us because of some lingering effects of the previous business owners. so therefore I need to change the name of the company. I would like for you to submit names that you may think are unique and of good character. I appreciate the help. If I pick your name you can always brag that you picked the name of my lawn company for me.


  1. Something without the words "Soldier Field" in it.

  2. Suppose if you want to do something to use your football career as part of it, you can call it something like "1st and Goal" or "Touchdown !". Might work well if you customer base is blue-collar like (or retired blue collar type).

    Or maybe something like "Greensward" or "Evergreen" for the hoity toity crowd if that is your main customer base.

    Then again, "Dez Lawn Care" might work too. "Put a little DLC into your lawn" :D

    So, is this an admission that you may feel that you're going to retire ? Or is this just an investment for when you finally retire ?

    I think this team will need class veterans like you in the near future. Maybe the new OCoordinator can finally get 3 TEs on the field at one time... kind of like the Saints do :D

    Good Luck with the business....

  3. How about Esclade Lawn Care?

    Slogan "The One Tiger uses!"

  4. Since it's in Florida, something like "Tropical Lawn Care" will go a long way. Anything along those lines is a good idea. Also, since "green" is popular these dayseg "Green Earth Lawn Service" or somesuch works well.

    By the way, it was nice to see you back on the field again. Brian Billick talked about how talented the Bears' TE crew is...

    He also pointed out some advantages of using TEs as FBs instead of a straight up two-back set. I'd love to hear your breakdown of the pros/cons of both.

  5. Horizon Landscapes - "Your horizons are only as far as you can see."

    Good idea about using "green" though, Miah.

    Billick clearly wasn't thinking about Greg Olsen when he said that. Olsen has been killing us all year, he's horrible. And to think Dez got demoted for that guy.

  6. Considering you come from an atletic background and one of the best sports themed movies ever, although it was baseball related, is Field of Dreams...

    Lawns of Dreams... If you call us, we will come...

  7. Like it ! Dream Lawns rolls off the tongue better ... but the tag is cool "if you call us, we will come" ... excellent.

  8. I'm pretty sure that's the tagline on the voicemails of Tiger's ladies.

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  10. Home Field Advantage

    You can advertise by saying "We'll help you gain Home Field Advantage, one yard at a time."

  11. Desmond, it was great to see you score on that sick play-action call vs Minnesota. I know all kinds of changes are afoot, but I hope you come back next year!